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Hall Hiring

Select the hall(s) or room that best suits your needs… 

The Victoria, Jubilee and Appleton Halls are suitable venues for hire for most functions from Wedding Receptions, Christenings and Children’s Birthday Parties to Craft Fairs, AGMs and Fashion Shows. We have three halls of varying sizes and a meeting room. These can be hired individually, in any combination, or even the whole centre subject to availability.

Victoria Hall info

Overall dimensions: 17m x 10.3m
Seating capacity: 200 persons (concerts. etc) with centre aisle
Dining capacity: 180 persons seated for dinner etc
Possible usage: AGM’s, meetings, dances, social activities, wedding reception, film shows, keep-fit, kickboxing etc
VicHall-table-settings2cropWEB copy VicHall-seat-rowsWEB copy VicHall-table-settingsWEB copy VicHall_Int_stageWEB VicHall_IntWEB InteriorShot_crop_Web VicHall wedding tables180x126WEB KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


Susan Band opening nightWEB180x126Jubilee Hall info

Overall dimensions: 11m x 16m
Seating capacity:
Dining capacity:
Possible usage: Live music,



Edward Hall infoAntiques-Fair180WEB

Overall dimensions: 10.3m x 5m
Seating capacity: 50 persons (meetings, socials etc.)
Dining capacity: 30 seated for dinner etc.
Possible usage: Clubs – art classes, workshops, guides, brownies, rainbows etc.




Appleton Hall info

Overall dimensions: 10m x 12m
Seating capacity: 60 persons (meetings, socials etc.)
Dining capacity: 40 seated for dinner etc.
Possible usage: Montessori, Children’s birthday parties, meetings, keep-fit etc



Lady GreyWEB

Lady Kaye Meeting Room info

Overall dimensions: 4m x 8m
Seating capacity: 30 persons (meetings, socials etc.)
Possible usage: Meetings, Charity lunches, Pilates, Yoga etc.




Large Catering Kitchen info

Overall dimensions: 4m x 8m
Separate kitchen, equipped with oven, dishwasher, warming cupboard, fridge & hot water urn.


Contact the Halls’ Administrator for more details.

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