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Cinema: Manchester By the Sea (Cert:15)
18 October
7:45 pm to 10:00 pm

about a loss so unmentionable…        

Manchester by the Sea is about a loss so unmentionable it cannot and will not be mentioned, because the whole structure of the film, Kenneth Lonergan’s third as a writer-director, demands that we wait to discover what it is. It begins, though, with a smaller tragedy – the heart attack of a Massachusetts dad in the prime of his life.

This man is Joe, whom we meet only in flashbacks, played by the reliably excellent Kyle Chandler, who coincidentally shares his surname. The main character is his brother, Lee, who rushes to the hospital too late to say his goodbyes.

What’s clear is that the two brothers said a goodbye many years before, and haven’t stayed in touch a lot, because Lee has twisted himself away from every attachment he ever used to have. Minor characters call him “The Lee Chandler?”, incredulous to find him back in town, after the thing, the unmentionable thing, which looked to have driven him away forever.

Barricaded inside the shell that’s become of him, Lee peers at the world through guarded eyes, only just summoning the basic drive to get up every morning, shuffle out, and carry on his tasks. He’s played by Casey Affleck, in a clenched and riveting performance which fulfils all the promise he’s ever shown, and then some.


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