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For all enquiries please contact the Halls Administrator on 01252 844 876 or by email on admin.victoriahall@gmail.com

Trustees & Management Committee

It is with many thanks for the hard and dedicated work of the Charity Trustees and Victoria Hall
Management Committee who have stoically continued their relentless pursuit of fundraising and
so provide for the needs of the community.

Edward Woods (Chairman & Trustee)
Andy Hall (Treasurer & Trustee)
Derek Smee (Deputy Chairman & Trustee)
Sue Hearson (Trustee)
Neel Williams (Trustee)
George Davey (Trustee)
John Pender (Trustee)
Marjorie Perratt (Secretary to Trustees)
Ron Watt (Parish Council Representative)
Penny Ewbank (Halls Administrator)
Email: admin.victoriahall@googlemail.com
01252 844876

Rob Cargill (Caretaker)