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The Victoria Hall in the 19th Century

Collcutt[2]colour-OvalWEBThe Victoria Hall was designed in the late 1890’s by T.E Collcutt at the height of his career. It is not known why he in particular was commissioned to design and build the Hall but it ran over budget set at £800, which became the subject of considerable local anxiety.

The day was saved by the generosity of Mr Kenwood, Sir Henry Mildmay and Lord Calthorpe who made up the shortfall, and so the building was completed and opened by Lady Calthorpe on October 20 1898 to much acclaim.

The Victoria Hall has remained in constant use throughout it’s 100 plus years and is a tribute to the masterly design and vision of T.E. Collcutt, which has stood the test of time. T.E.

Collcutt was born in Oxford and devoted a lifetime to creating buildings and interiors widely recognised for their richness in styles, finishes and furnishings.

Buildings such as Lloyds Register in Fenchurch Street, Savoy Hotel Strand, Imperial Institute, Midland Bank in Ludgate Hill, Public Library in Blackburn, Wakefield Town Hall, and many others.

His interiors became the fashion for many first class music rooms, dining areas and lounges in ships throughout the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. P&O ships such as the S.S.India, S.S China, S.S.Egypt through to S.S. Medina in 1911.